Before you send us your discs for scratch removal, there are a few things you should know:

While most of the time we can repair your discs by removing the scratches and make the playing surface look like new...but occasionally there are discs with damage that can not be repaired, such as, but not limited to:


Foil damage typically occurs in one of two ways. Firstly, a scratch on the disc can be so deep that it actually penetrates the data layer – but a scratch that deep is uncommon. The second way is more common and occurs when the printed side of the disc is damaged. This is because the discs data is actually stored just below the printed side (label), making it far more vulnerable to irreversible damage than the poly carbonate (read side) which is a harder substance. The easiest way to check for foil damage is to hold your disc up to a strong light. If you can see light through the disc, then the data layer has been damaged and the disc cannot be repaired.


Some disc storage cases are manufactured in such a way that discs can suffer cracks in the center of the spindle when they are removed. If the crack reaches the playing area of the disc then it is possible it will not play and can not be repaired because the crack corrupts the data layer, rendering it unreadable. However, sometimes the crack will not reach the data and the disc could still work.


These occur as a result of a strong impact against the disc. They are fairly easy to spot, appearing as a deep crease across the disc. They cannot be repaired as they penetrate the data layer, making it unreadable.


It is important to store your discs properly. If you leave them near a heat source such as a radiator, or out of their cases exposed to the sun then they may warp over time. This results in the disc becoming unplayable as it alters the angle at which the laser reads the data. We are unable to reverse the warping process and you will need to replace your disc.


Blu-ray discs have a 3 micron thick layer of a special polymer hard coating, called Durabis. To put that into perspective, a strand of human hair is about 100 microns thick and a red blood cell is approx. 8 microns in diameter. This protective hard coating is designed to make the disc more resistant to scratches. But occasionally it will become scratched. With our very specialized Blu-ray equipment, we can usually remove these light to medium scratches in the hard coating, but please be advised, if the scratch is deep, it can not be removed without removing the hard coat. Removing the hard coat makes the disc very susceptible to future damage, since under the hard coat, the plastic is much softer than a regular CD or DVD. We will not remove the hard coat as in our opinion, it makes the disc unusable.

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If a disc is lost while at our facility,'s maximum liability is $1.00 per CD, DVD or non-Blu-ray Game disc and $5 for Blu-ray Game discs.