Instructions for sending us your discs

Sending your discs to is very simple. Just follow the these easy steps. By not doing exactly as listed below, there could be long delays in processing your order, extra costs, or discs could even become lost.

STEP1: Once you have paid for your order, print two copies. One for your records, and one to include with your discs.

STEP2: If you are sending a mix of different formats of discs, please separate them by these categories:

      • CD, DVD, any non-Blu-ray games and discs.

      • Blu-ray DVDs, PS3 & PS4, Wii-U and XBOX ONE.

      • Double Sided Discs (these count as two repairs)

      • GameCube

    STEP3: Secure your groups of discs. You can use rubber bands, a protective "cake box", zip lock bags, or anything that will keep them separated and secure. IMPORTANT: Do NOT send discs in jewel cases. Any disc(s) received in a jewel case will be returned unrepaired.

         Cake Boxes

        STEP4: IMPORTANT: PLACE A COPY OF YOUR PRINTED ORDER IN THE BOX WITH YOUR DISCS. THIS IS A CRITICAL STEP. Pack your grouped discs in a good quality box and pack TIGHTLY with paper or bubble wrap. DO NOT use styrofoam popcorn. It does not provide adequate protection. If you can shake the box and feel the discs moving or shifting, pack them tighter. 

        STEP5: Ship your box of discs to:
        1609 Barclay Blvd
        Buffalo Grove, IL 60089

        We recommend using a service that guarantees delivery and provides a tracking number, such as UPS, Fed-Ex or USPS. We also highly recommend you package your discs well and insure your package for its proper value.